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Pilates program consists of about five hundred different exercises performed with and without a variety of exercise equipment. Pilates is popular among dancers and entertainers for their specific treatment of muscle mass. It is believed that there are two types of Pilates: pilates fitness and rehabilitation pilates programs.

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Fitness pilates program is for people who want to improve overall body form, are doing sports training or need to correct some part of that poor posture and hunched posture, etc.

Pilates rehabilitation program is practiced after various injuries and should be performed under the watchful supervision. Commonly, the exercise are then done on different machines.

Each Pilates training consists of: breathing in accordance with the body’s movements, balance and coordination exercises, proper positioning of the body, strength and flexibility.

All Pilates exercise program are performed very slowly, no sudden movements or jumping in place, which does not make them easier to carry out than other popular forms of exercise, because it’s about exercises that require endurance. It should be noted that in this exercise muscle volume does not increase, it becomes elastic. Pilates program is most recommended for those people who have problems with the spine and joints.


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