In the table below we have identified the part of the great music that you can listen to in our gym while exercising:

NoNameof the mix
Month /

11.Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-6Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-610/2010
10.Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-5Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-510/2010
9.Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-4Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-410/2010
8.Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-3Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-310/2010
7.Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-2Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-210/2010
6.Dyscotheque Hits Rmx 2010-1 10/2010
5.Gym remixes 3
Gym remixes 310/2010
4.Gym remixes 2
Gym remixes 210/2010
3.Gym remixes 1Gym remixes 1 10/2010
2.Latino Dance Mix 2Latino Dance Mix 210/2010
1.Latino Dance Mix 1 Latino Dance Mix 110/2010