Total body

TOTAL BODY is a program that modifies the EXTREME FIT program. It is intended for beginners, intermediate advanced practitioners. The program consists of different methods of work with the aim of learning how to perform exercises, the awareness of their body and their own capabilities. With this program you will learn how to move and achieve the top form you wanted.

Total body training is composed of three parts:

  • the first part starts with a simple choreography lasting 15-20 minutes, which includes aerobic and cardio exercises and the occasional dance stepaero dance
  • the second part is composed of the strength exercises for the whole body
  • the last part contains stretching and stretching all muscle groups

Depending on the program of training in one hour can cover all muscle groups or only one.

California Gym Split for this program provides:

  • separate air-conditioned space for exercise
  • exercising in groups under the supervision
  • fun and motivating exercise with appropriate music
  • various equipment for training ( large and small balls, latex bands, weights, pilates rings, mats, etc..)