Extreme fit

Extreme fit a fitness program that is appropriate for younger age groups. This is an intense cardio workout that shape the muscles and burn large amounts of calories.

Extreme fit training consists of three parts:

  • the first part – the heating and cardio exercise with moderate to high intensity that the body is well heated
  • in the second part follows circuit training with explosive strength exercises for the entire body to complete exhaustion (HIIT training)
  • the last part includes stretching of all muscle groups

The advantages of extreme fit training are:

  • this training in a short time will encourage the body to consume more calories than in a classic aerobic trainingftbfcre0qsf23ydzm5rl
  • if you have truly strong tranined you will not just consume calories during circuit training but also during the whole day because this training speeds up metabolism even when you rest, which means that you will expend calories when you watch TV or sleep.
  • this training except large consumption of calories, sculpts and tones the whole body. After a few weeks of this aerobic exercise, there will be dramatically raises the level of oxygen in the body, which means you’ll have more energy to perform daily activities.

California Gym Split for this program provides:

  • separate air-conditioned space for exercise
  • exercising in groups under the supervision
  • fun and motivating exercise with appropriate music
  • various equipment for training ( large and small balls, latex bands, weights, pilates rings, mats, etc..)