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Bodybuilding Teretana California Gym Split 1Bodybuilding – we all start with the same training grounds, but because we have different bodies and capabilities during training everybody can find a best practice, training and nutrition program.

In the beginning you need to give yourself three months of training to get to know your own body and put some goals in its design because in the bodybuilding nothing comes quickly.

There are large muscle groups (chest, back and legs) and small muscle groups (shoulders, triceps, biceps, sheets, abs, etc.). It is very important at every practice to work a large muscle group and that at the beginning of training in order to later in the training could lift  greater weight.


At the beginning it is important to build the core muscle mass, that is based on exercises that will major muscle groups to build a foundation. After these exercises move on to those which will shape the individual muscles.

Beginner exercises should be designed so that we have one primary and one or two additional exercises per muscle group.

In more advanced training, we reserve the basic exercise with different additional variations.

The total number of series that we do per muscle group should not exceed 10-12 Series: Series 1-2 warm-up series 4-5 for the basic group and 3 series of additional groups. Training should take an average of an hour to an hour and a half. If you are a beginner we recommend that you exercise 2-3 times a week, and for the advanced and competitive training you required to practice five times a week.